Roll To Roll Label Cutter


The roll to roll label cutter, brings much convenience for the quantity label cutting work. The cutter is consisted of two parts: the cutting machine and the stand leg. The function for roll to roll label cutter is the mark detection and contour cutting while the stand leg will help the waste dealing. The upside machine uses 4.3 in full touch screen as the control panel. It would be more vivid to show everything from the touch screen. So the users can operate everything and make parameters adjustment through the touch panel.  With maximum repeat function : 2000 times, the cutting carriage, for mark detection, can read the registration marks automatically and continuously. It would not be a problem to cut the 400 meters printed rolls. There are 5 pinch rollers installed on the machine, so the material can be fixed up well and make sure no shift during the long working process. 

The maximum feeding width of automatic label cutting machine is 320mm, and minimum cutting width is 60mm. It can cut small size pattern even 6mm width, and also cut the big one with 450mm width. The stepper motor machine but with 800mm/s maximum cutting speed, reduced boring working time. If the automatic label cutting machine user prefer the offline working, they can use the USB flash if the working file is saved into it. 

After the contour cutting work finished, the stand leg will start to work. It will split the waste material and leave the labels- only roll. These two parts will be divided into two rolls, it will be much easier to get the finished labels.

The whole automatic label cutting machine net weight is 137kg, but it can be moved easily with four wheels downside. 

This roll to roll label cutter, can cut simple labels and also it can cut printed rolls. No matter for labels business or whole seller, it would be a good choice.

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