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To improve the cutting efficiency, and also bring hands-free service, the sheet sticker sheet cutting machine came into being. Teneth has two types of sticker sheet cutting machine for selection, AN3 with steppe motor, and ZSN3+ with servo motor. 

 It is a sticker cutting machine with light design but complete function included. There is a feeding tray in the back side. You can put 30-100pcs material on it. It is an adjustable tray if you wanna put the A4, A3 or A3+ material. When the cutting work started, the material will be feed automatically, and after one cutting work finished, the second material will be feed continuously. This Auto-Feeding function really let the cutting work “Hands Free”.

What’s more, the sticker sheet cutting machine is full automatic function design. The cutting head equipped with a sensor for mark detection. After four registration marks detection process finished, the machine will cut the printed labels automatically. For ZSN3+, what’s special point is, it can scan the bar code, Which brings more specific is, it can cut different design work for several material in one time. AN3 sticker cutting machine can cut the same work only. About the cutting speed, the motor would bring big different results. The servo motor machine reaches 1000mm/s while the stepper would climb to the 800. It would be more quite working for servo motor machine. 

The operation for this kind of sticker sheet cutting machine is also easy and simple. The customer can send the cutting work directly through with USB cable connection, or the cutting file could be saved into the USB flash offline working. The repeating function could be up to 2000, which would be good enough for the label cutting work. The HD full touch screen display all necessary parameters, it would be easy to use the machine just like your mobile phone.

The sticker sheet cutting machine can make die cut for the stickers, heat transfer film, transparent film, and also full cut for the paper. Teneth sticker cutting machine is a smart and reliable machine for batch label business and also DIY work. And it will be a great choice for the shops, and also competitive product for global dealer.

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