Automatic contour Cutting Plotter


Our automatic cutter plotter machine comes with an Optical sensor ( Optical eye ), its stronger body and precision cutting let it become more and more popular in the advertising industry, our cutter plotter machine can do printing and cutting with printers at the same time.

This ARMS contour cut plotter and vinyl plotter cutting machine also have 4 sizes for choice, 440mm, 740mm, 1360mm and 1660mm. The cutter plotter machine comes with famous SignMaster software as default, one step to generate a profile, fast and convenient. ASS function is the contour cut with Automatic Contour Cutting to locate the registration mark automatically.

With its industrial build and quality components, Teneth cutter plotter can work with pure USB 2.0. Simply plug it in, direct the software to USBxxx, and you are ready to work. It also has SD card input and will accept jobs from SD cards in HPGL PLT format. With a max cutting force of 1kg (1000g), this contour cutting machine will cut Vinyl, Card, Reflective film, foil, stickers, and more.

The vinyl plotter cutting machine can do word cutting and sectional type automatic contour cut even in 20 meters image precisely, multi scanned marks can be added accordingly to the length of media, high speed even can reach 650mm/s, low noise and our contour cut plotter can output directly from CorelDraw

Teneth vinyl plotter cutting machine is a good solution for Signs for shop windows, cars and vans. Cutting material for heat pressing logos and slogans onto T-Shirts. In-house signs and graphic designs making of arts, crafts and labels, suitable Vinyl Sign or T-Shirt business die cutting.

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