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  • Teneth V9 Pro  Mobile Phone Screen Protector Tpu Hydrogel Cutting Film Machine Smartphone Skin Die Cutting Machine
    Teneth V9 Pro Mobile Phone Screen Protector Tpu Hydrogel Cutting Film Machine Smartphone Skin Die Cutting Machine
    V9 pro is a compact and lightweight film cutting machine, which automatically cuts various PET and TPU flexible films, covering 30000+ mobile phone models, including mobile phone front film and back film, tablet computers, cameras, game consoles, smart watches, etc. Furthermore, the film is universally digital and is continuously updated. Cloud intelligent database upgrades 3-5 times a week, guaranteeing a continuous lead of all models in the market in real time.V9 Pro supports multiple languages, built-in WIFI and Bluetooth. You can connect to WIFI to cut by operating machine, or connect to Bluetooth to cut by operating your mobile phone APP PhoneCut. Both methods are easy to operate and convenient. Just choose the one you like!V9 Pro also has one-key automatic film cutting, just choose your model and click to cut, film cut finished. Automatic feeding is another character of this phone cutter. Just put the material into the feeding port, flat and aligned to the left, it will feed automatically. If you place it obliquely, press the power and film will exit automatically.Moreover, we can learn to operate in 2 minutes, no inventory, low investment, fast profit! A marketing tool designed for terminal stores and entrepreneurs.
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